Archive of Progress Reports
9/29/2012 2nd, 3rd and 4th Lower-Surface-LE-Tape-Only Performance Measurements
1/31/2012 Humidity Dependency of Upper-Surface Leading-Edge Tape Effect
Lower-Surface Split Oil-Flow Images
1/29/2011 1st Lower-Surface-LE-Tape-Only Performance Measurement
1/15/2011 4th Leading-Edge-Tape-Only Performance Measurement
9/18/2010 Leading-Edge-Tape-Only Performance Measurements
4/2/2010 Third Porous Membrane Measurement
6/20/2009 First Wide-Deturbulator Flight
6/2/2009 Second Porous Membrane Measurement
5/22/2009 First Porous Membrane Measurement
4/25/2009 First Porous Membrane Test
4/14/2009 Six Measurements of Extreme Performance
10/2/2008 Johnson Flight Logs Confirm Extreme Performance
06/7/2008 Parallel Flight - vs. Diana 1
12/01/2007 Repeat Performance of Johnson Effect
12/13/2006 The Johnson Flight Test
12/13/2006 Deturbulator Performance Confirmed!
7/1/2006 Notes on Endurance and the Temperature/Humidity Issue
5/6/2006 Paper Presented at AAIA Flow Control Conference
2/3/2006 Talk Presented at SSA Annual Convention
1/9/2006 Paper Presented at AAIA Annual Conference
10/29/2005 It’s Deturbulation Time Again
9/12/2005 A Performance Endurance Issue
3/19/2005 Measurements with Full Top Surface Deturbulation
3/19/2005 Parallel Flight - vs. ASW-28
2/26/2005 Second Sink-Rate Measurement: Some Encouraging Data
2/18/2005 First Sink-Rate Measurement
12/12/2004 More success on upper surface of Standard Cirrus wing
12/3/2004 First success on upper surface of Standard Cirrus wing
2/28/2004 First outer-span test
10/18/2003 Further drag reductions on Standard Cirrus wing
9/17/2003 First successful test of Sinha deturbulator on a glider
6/21/2003 Drag measurement instrumentation

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